My name is not really Alice.

Perhaps I could have come up with a more creative pseudonym, but I like Alice. If I had a daughter, or a new pet lizard, or something, I’d want to name it Alice. But since blogs are cheap and easy, unlike my imaginary daughter or my iguana, I’ll have to settle for naming the blog Alice. Or am I naming myself Alice?

Not really, Alice.

I’m here because I need a place to be an atheist heretic hell bound apostate. I’ve got a blog on mySpace where I avoid religious topics, but the feeling that I am censoring myself for no good reason is getting frustrating. I am wary of rubbing my atheism in everyone’s face and appearing smug and superior… and I don’t want to actually feel superior, too. Losing my religion doesn’t equal losing my moral character. It’s not that I mind causing my religious friends a little metaphysical strife, but my grandma reads my blog (I know! How cool is that!), and her dear heart is worried for my immortal soul. Now since I never was Catholic, I think that was technically forfeit from the start. But being an atheist is a hell of a long way from being a Protestant, so I can see where she’d be worried. With what I’m sure were the best of intentions, I have been told I need to get my head on strait.

So let’s get to work on that, shall we?

There’s two things you should know about me. One, I was raised to be an Evangelical Christian. Two, I am now an atheist.

My last words to god were spoken approximately fourteen months ago.

Oh, and one other thing. My spouse is an Evangelical Christian. There are things we don’t talk about. So you’re going to hear it here.



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