Killing in the name of

Everyone knows that when Christians kill in the name of God, they are not true Christians.  (I don’t fully agree with this, since certain interpretations of religions do encourage the killing of heretics and unbelievers.  I’ll not quote the scriptures; this is easy to find in the Skeptic’s Annotated scriptures.  Let’s just leave it there for now.)  Same for Muslims and Jews and etcetera.

Similarly, but with a stronger argument, non-theists do not kill in the name of atheism.  This is for two reasons. 

One, nothing about atheism in and of itself demands the killing of theists.

Two, while it can be shown that certain fascist regimes killed religious people, this was anti-religious activity, not atheistic activity.  I can see how these can get confused, but they are different.  But think about it: when a Christian government kills Jews, they are also being anti-religious.

Ideas don’t kill people; people kill people.

Besides, why should it be so surprising when a fascist kills Christians?  Christians kill people with other religions, atheists kill people with religions— it’s the same thing.  Is there really such a difference when a man kills for power and when a man kills for God?  God and religion is often an excuse for power; this is why I am willing to concede that Christians who kill for God are not real Christians.  The religion may give an excuse to kill, but honestly, people don’t need God as an excuse to kill… neither do they need God to keep them from killing.

And since the subject of this post has been at the top of my screen this whole time…

Some of those who work forces are the same that burn crosses.

I said it!  Carry on.



2 Responses to “Killing in the name of”

  1. poppies Says:

    I can’t help but hear a big “UUUUUUNGH!” after reading that quote, which is hilarious to me because I read this in the voice I imagine to be yours, kinda dainty and erudite in my mind (some association with the name Alice). 🙂

  2. notreallyalice Says:

    I’ve never been called dainty before, especially not while I’m listening to RATM 🙂

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