Why don’t atheists care about religion?


The best answer to this question was probably written by Mr Pharyngula.  Here’s my answer.

The reason atheists often don’t concern themselves with the details of religions, and the reason atheists often lump religions together, is because to an atheist, all religions start with the same premise: the existence of supernatural being(s) or events.  Atheists do not believe in anything supernatural.  We like explanations for things that include something that can be tested, observed, and verified objectively.  Since the details of any religion flows from supernaturalism, which we reject, why should we study religion?  I mean, if one is curious, there’s no reason not to, just as there’s no reason not to read up on all the different sorts of fairies in various folk tales.  If something is interesting and useful, atheists are just as curious as anyone else, and religions often contain truth and beauty that can be useful in living a good life.

But being atheists, we don’t agree that belief in the supernatural is needful for living a good life; therefore, we may not be interested in the details of all the different religions.  And to be honest, don’t you have better things to do than study all the different things you don’t agree with? 

As for me, I’ve got novels to read, MMOs to beta-test, a backyard to weed, dinner to cook, and music to download.  So to be honest, and I mean this in the nicest way… I’ve got better things to do than worry about which god is most likely to send me to which hell.


2 Responses to “Why don’t atheists care about religion?”

  1. dummidumbwit Says:

    I disagee, I want to know which ones are most likely to try to trample on my constitutional rights, so many out there are labeled as such and such and the noisiest faiths tend to lead and often in ways we don’t want to move? I’m one of them but I am not and some are very dangerous.


  2. ccdguy Says:

    I think atheists tend to care more about religion than RELIGIOUS people do! I’m a fundamentalist agnostic (think about it), and I think the most famous atheists would identify themselves as the same, not just as atheists. They arent’ 100% certain there’s no god. BUT, they have taken a good look at the details in most religions, and have found them lacking. Why the religious moderates don’t take a hard look at their religion is beyond me, but I’d say atheists are ANYTHING but apathetic when it comes to religion.

    Check out http://www.createcognitivedissonance.wordpress.com if you want to join the discussion.


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