Today I am wearing a little jade pendant that was a gift from a friend.  She bought it in China and told me about how jade is thought to bring good luck.  And while I’m not superstitious, I like a lot of the stories about which objects bestow which benefit or disaster.  (In other words, I like pretending that superstition is true.  Did you know that if you open your umbrella indoors, earthworms will fall from the ceiling??)  So I wear the jade because it was a gift, and because it is jade, and because it is lucky.


Luck, and chance, and fate are different, though the words are often used interchangeably– and “luck” is sometimes used as shorthand for “good luck.”


Chance is the roll of the die; things we can’t predict or understand why they happen.


Luck is how those chance events affect a particular person.  “I don’t believe in luck,” I’ve heard said, “but you sure have bad statistics.”


Fate is how it all ends up in the end.


It was by chance that I found the job posting and by skill that I got the job.  But were my skills predetermined by luck?  Was I just plain lucky that I was born with a love of learning, that I had various methods to fund and support my education, that I have no health issues?  Of course all those things are due to chance.  It’s due to chance that I was born at all.


Was I fated to be here, at this job, this marriage, this town, this house, wearing this dress?  Well, the fact that I am here speaks well enough to that question, doesn’t it?


Fate.  In a nutshell.  Or, in my jade pendant. 


I already wrote once about providence… I wonder why this keeps coming to mind.


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