The only non-Christian in the house

When I told my husband I was an atheist, he said, “Now I’m the only Christian in the house.”  Which was not true, though it did seem like it at the time.  I am the only atheist in the house.

This had been going fine until this morning, when I was scolded for not being sensitive enough to my young sister-in-law’s new Christianity.  “She feels like you’re undermining everything she’s working for,” my husband tells me.

First of all, I wish she’d tell me herself.

Second, its a lie that atheists oppose everything Christians do.  We aren’t immoral.  It’s just that we understand that our humanness is the source of our morality, whereas Christians think that our humanness is the source of all sin.  Well, technically, humanness is the source of all human nature, good and bad.  But I think you see the distinction.

So now I am supposed to shut my godless face about certain topics around the sister-in-law.  Supposedly I am tempting her away from Christianity– and perhaps on some level, I am.  But listen.  I am who I am.  There will be non-Christians everywhere.  She can’t expect everyone in the universe to walk on eggshells around her just because she’s a Christian.  I’ll be honest: Christianity is a good start for her; it’s better than nothing (trust me.  She has had nothing, and this is better).  But in the long run it is only going to teach her that God will come and rescue her, God will tell her what to do, God will give her this list of rules to follow.  Instead of running her own life, the church will be running it for her.  But like I said, maybe that is technically better than nothing.

So should I be more “respectful”?  Or should I go on flaunting my secular worldview?

I’ll tell you one thing.  I was slipping and posting my godless drivel in my personal blog.  One friend seemed to really enjoy thinking about the ideas I’d posed.  But now my husband is reading my blog and the sister-in-law too.  So for the sake of peace in the house, this is now my primary blog.

I am an atheist and I am not ashamed.  I like my peace and quiet, however.

So my name is Alice.  Nice to meet you.


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