Imagine no religion

Just outside my cubicle, under my nameplate, I have a little sign with a picture of the World Trade Center, captioned, “Imagine no religion.”  (I modified the image from the flyer available on the Richard Dawkins Foundation website.)

It’s been up there for a few months now, and until today, the only person to say anything about it locked onto the RDF citation and started talking about atheists, referring to them as “the other side.”  I was amused.

But today someone walked by, read it, and started to laugh.  I turned to see.  He was astonished, holding his hands over his mouth, and saying, “It’s true!  It’s true!  It wouldn’t have happened!”

Indeed.  I wonder what other thoughts this will lead him to.

I’m such a bad influence.

Speaking of which, I need to learn how to smoke.  I don’t want any bad habits, but it seems clear to me that any self-respecting godless heathen bad girl needs to blow a badass puff of smoke into the faces of her enemies now and then.


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One Response to “Imagine no religion”

  1. Postman Says:

    Authorities are divided on the smoking issue. The wimpy, appeasing, pseudo-atheists are against it and the rest of us smoke at least a half a pack a day.

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