pain and crime

Ever since I changed my method of birth control, having my period has been a bigger pain.  It used to be a little tingle in my lower back and something like hunger pains but lower down; now it’s, well, it’s real actual menstrual pain.

I kept the pain level manageable yesterday by threatening to hit it with a Vicoden.  It sulked off.

But today it’s getting braver.  And my rule is, once I start walking funny, it’s time to take a pill. 

I have these leftover Vicoden from getting my wisdom teeth out, and of course I’m not supposed to use it for a purpose other than what my doctor prescribed it for.  But hey… at least the bottle has got my name on it, unlike the bottle of shiney little Percocet in my medicine cabinet.  Now there’s a great way to get rid of a migraine, unless of course the migrane has already progressed enough to make you vomit ten minutes after taking the pill.  What a waste!

See how being an atheist makes you completely lose your moral bearings and become a criminal?



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