Going to hell

My coworker E started choking just now because she was drinking water and it went down the wrong pipe.  She starts blaming B, who denies responsibility, and then I said, “You should blame whoever put those pipes so close together.”  She goes on coughing for a minute, then says, “Hey, that is really bad design!  Fish are designed better than we are!” 

I say, “Yeah, that’s the best argument for evolution ever.”

“Why is the trachea… that’s horrible design!” E is saying.  We’re both giggling.

“Bad idea,” I agree.  “Someone screwed up.”

And B says, “Ya’ll are both goin’ to hell.”

We all laugh and laugh and laugh.

And just now I realized, wow.  If anybody really took hell seriously as a place of eternal fire and torment, would we everdare say to anybody that they are going to hell?  Is that really funny?  Of course not.  I would even say that nobody possessing any imagination whatsoever, including my fiend B, is truly convicted of the reality of hell.


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One Response to “Going to hell”

  1. racist « Not really Alice Says:

    […] But I got her back later, when I told her about my plan to make t-shirts that say “What Would Edison Do?” or “Edison is my homeboy.”  She was shocked.  She did an awkward little laugh.  She said I was a bad girl.  (This is the same woman who said I was going to Hell because I think the human body is poorly designed.) […]

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