I thought this would work…

I really thought people would notice that I changed my Facebook and mySpace pages to say:

Religion: atheist

I’m considering various other options for starting religious conversations with my old friends, the top one currently being that I post a picture of myself wearing nothing but a sign that says “Hey guess what!  There’s no god!”


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2 Responses to “I thought this would work…”

  1. Sisyphus Fragment Says:

    I couldn’t get a rise out of anyone when I did that, I’ve joined just about every free-thought group on Facebook as well, no conversations. People really don’t like talking about religion.

    However, I did get a little bit when I changed my middle name to Hussein on FB.

  2. coogan607 Says:

    You’re better than I am. I’m still a closet atheist. I know how I “believe” and I’m not feeling conflicted, but I am chicken stuff for not being willing to take the “heat” (hah) with my Christian friends. I’m lucky, though, in one regard: no one in my family cares what religion I am–or not–as the case may be.

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