So I was out on a busy street corner near the local mall this weekend, waving around a big sign.


Yeah, I was one of those people.


The sign was provided on loan from a bunch of kids who were scribbling them out wholesale.  Mine had a giant 8 with an x through it. 


We were on every corner of this intersection, over a hundred of us, not including the young adults who crossed the street on every light change, carrying each other piggyback and generally having a lot of fun.  Their giant signs bobbing above the cars was so cute.


So I stood around for awhile yelling “Woooooo!” when people honked and smiled and waved, and I stuck my tongue out at people who gave me the finger or the thumbs down.


At one point, someone yelled out from a passing car something that ended in “16!”  Me and some others puzzled over this one until I realized they had probably said “John 3:16.”  And you know what warmed the cockles of my little godless heart?  They didn’t know what John 3:16 is.  So I said, “You know, the one starts, ‘for God so loved the world…?’  They had no idea.  So I just grinned and said, “I have to tell you how totally awesome it is that you don’t know John 3:16.”


No on California prop 8!


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3 Responses to “Politics”

  1. coogan607 Says:

    Good for you. I can only rant about it from Ohio, but I have spoken my peace in favor of allowing same-sex marriage (in my blog).

    “It’s a sin,” they’ll tell you. “It will dissolve marriage, and the effects will be something we cannot simply divorce ourselves from.” (I paraphrase, of course.) Maybe you know what will be irrevocable about it, but it escapes me just now.

  2. notreallyalice Says:

    They generally give me a lot of excuses and sincere appeals to “do it for the children,” but ultimately I know what motivates them: religion. Thank Jefferson for that wall of separation. I think I will be more thankful to the voters, however, because Prop 8 has been polling in favor of gay marriage staying legal. And on Tuesday night if 8 doesn’t pass, I will laugh, just as I promised I would, when all the Christians said to let the voters decide.

  3. Sisyphus Fragment Says:

    That’s great that you did that, Alice who is not really herself. I sometimes feel like our wall is really one of those paper walls you see in Japanese houses. I mean we still have god on our money and in our pledge. When I said my oath of enlistment to join the military five years ago I still had to say “God”. However, if we can stop prop 8 then we’ll have at least protected the wall for a little longer!

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