Dear California

Dear California,


Congratulations!  You have made our state Constitution a bigoted document.  This week, gay couples have lost the right that every other couple takes for granted: the right to marry the person they love.  The people of California decided that they know best how to run their neighbors’ lives.  Proposition 8 was won by patronizing discrimination and arrogance, and I am ashamed and disappointed.


Democracy is meant to be a system for promoting freedom and justice, but California has made it into a tool for oppression and self-righteousness.


But when the people of California fail to do the right thing, our government must not fail.  The state Constitution cannot reflect the opinions of busybodies who can’t imagine that all people are citizens who deserve equal rights.  The government must not allow a majority to take away rights of a minority.  And our secular laws, protected by the wall of separation between church and state, absolutely must not be based on religious doctrines. 


So while I am ashamed of my neighbors who voted Yes on 8, I will not let them discourage me from doing what’s right, and I will not stop until all men and women are treated equally under the law.  And if I must rely on a growing population of people who oppose bigotry and inequality, I will work to change this state into one which accepts and encourages all marriages.


I am angry, California, and you have made me determined. 





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