Lies and the liars who tell them

One of the arguments used in favor of California Prop 8 (which removes the right of gay people to marry) is, oddly enough, the “fact” that Catholic Charities closed down their adoption clinic in Massachusetts after gay marriage was made legal there.  The story goes that the charity, which is publicly funded and therefore has to comply with anti-discrimination laws, was forced to choose between closing its doors or placing children in homes with same-sex parents.  So obviously, those good Christians did the right thing and quit placing needy children in loving homes altogether.


Well, I just found out that the opposite is in fact true.  Prior to the legalization of gay marriage, the Charity was already placing children in homes with same-sex parents.  But the Catholic Church told them to stop and comply with Church doctrine.  They were unable (and perhaps unwilling) to do as the Church ordered, so they closed their adoption clinic.


Goddamn, I hate when people lie.  At best, they didn’t check the facts and simply assumed about the reason for the Charity closing the clinic.  At best they simply grabbed onto any excuse to use to scare people into voting bigotry into the state Constitution.  They didn’t check their facts.  They don’t care about facts. 


In other news, I was called a bigot because I was No on 8– and not because he got the issue mixed up.  I am still waiting for an explanation on that one.


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4 Responses to “Lies and the liars who tell them”

  1. coogan607 Says:

    Anti-Christian bigot?

  2. notreallyalice Says:

    Yeah, but that’s based on the assumption that No-on-8 was anti-religious. It wasn’t. But that’s a common misconception after all the propaganda that was put out.

  3. Postman Says:

    Er… bigoted against bigots? Bigots are people, too?

  4. Sisyphus Fragment Says:

    How can more freedom make someone a bigot? WTF?
    You know what? Fuck California.

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