Veteran’s Day

Last weekend I was talking to an acquaintance who had recently bought fresh apples from a nearby farm.  Although she had planned to make applesauce and pie, she had been putting it off for weeks because her kitchen is so tiny and she hates to cook in it.


She is a single mom, and she and her two children live in a one-bedroom apartment that is about the size of my kitchen and living room.


I considered this, and then realized that she could come over and we could cook together in my kitchen!  And Veterans Day was almost here and we all have days off!


So Tuesday afternoon, while her kids watched movies (they don’t own a TV), we had an apple extravaganza (and chicken soup for dinner).  It was awesome.


Happy Veterans Day!  What is more American than apple pie, anyways?  … even if you do decide to make apple crisp instead to save time.


We are both atheists, and I was telling her about how my husband is a Christian and the way I told him that I was an atheist.  “It could be worse,” she said.  “I had to tell my husband I was a lesbian.”




That is one of my husband’s worst fears, by the way: that I’ll turn into a lesbian and leave him.


And what’s weird is, sometimes I wonder what will happen when all those years of suppressed sexuality and Christian lifestyle finally wear off– much of it is gone now, but I’m sure plenty is left.  Sometimes I do wonder what I’d be like if I hadn’t been raised a Christian.  I am confident that my atheism will not affect my commitment to my husband.  And I’m not saying his fears are realistic; I’m not attracted to women.  But sometimes, I don’t know. 


I just wonder, that’s all.


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