I was working on setting up my health insurance via my employer’s website, but something wasn’t working right so I had to call the support desk guy.  It took him awhile, but he got it done for me.  And when he was confirming the change, he said, “The additional amount per paycheck will be $16.66.”


And of course I gasped.  “Did you say 666??”


Here he paused, a little “is she insane?” pause, and then repeated himself.


“Yeah, but it’s got a 666 in there!”


Poor guy.  “Did you want to change it, ma’am?”


“No, no!  I’m only teasing.  I’m sorry.” Once I realized that he didn’t get it or didn’t find it funny, I backed off. 


He made me repeat myself twice to make sure he knew what the hell was going on.  Yes, I want to keep the change.  Sorry to confuse you. 


I would not be in the least surprised if this has actually happened before, where someone ends up freaking out and changing it so that it’s $16.67 or something.  All this trouble for pre-tax deductions for health care expenses!  It’ll be worth every penny.  I need new glasses.  And talismans to keep away bad luck, of course, but I’m not sure that counts for health care.  I should call that guy back and ask him!


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