Controlling a conversation

I hereby resolve that I will never again let someone else control a conversation and lead me around by the nose so that I end up feeling like a fool.

To keep this from ever happening again, I will remember the following:

Ask questions and challenge assumptions.

Be careful to make the other party explain his argument to my satisfaction before trying to refute it.

If I disagree with a positive statement the other party is making, do not let him go on making it until he has convinced me of its veracity.  I am not responsible for proving him wrong; he has to prove his statement true.

And never, under any circumstances, agree to a presupposition “for the sake of argument” if I would never under any other circumstances agree.

PS: for fuck’s sake, figure out how to politely tell someone they are full of bull pucky.

[grumbles] 50-50 odds for God’s existance, my ass.


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