Atheist communities

I went to my local atheist group last night.  We meet once a month and I think I need more than that. 


It’s just such a relief to be around people who understand atheism without me having to say anything, or defend anything, or feel uncomfortable when people pray or talk about God.  I was a little uncomfortable during Thanksgiving — though it was mostly a great time — and I really let loose last night.  I think I was a little manic.


Plus, this might sound odd, but there’s a quiet guy there I’ve spoken to a little, and something about certain quiet people just makes me want to be loud and wacky.  I think I am that quiet person sometimes, and when I am, I like to sit back and observe people.  So maybe the flip side of that is performing for the quiet people.  🙂


But back to communities.  Everyone needs them, atheists included.  So I hope you check out your local atheist/freethinker/non-religious group.  You’ll be glad you did.


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One Response to “Atheist communities”

  1. herkblog Says:

    I’ve thought about starting an atheist community here – but so far I haven’t found many atheists. There was a local website a few years ago, but it disappeared and I hadn’t formed any close contacts with the other area atheists. I’m hoping a few more turn up in the near future.

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