happy and thankful

I’ve never done a meme before!  Here we go.


Ten things I am happy about or thankful for:


1. Books make me happy because learning new things makes me happy.  I am currently reading “Guide to the good life: the ancient art of stoic joy.”  


2. Eating chocolate chips out of the bag makes me happy.


3. Watching Comedy Central parody news with my husband every evening makes me happy.


4. I am very thankful for my new friends at Inland Empire Atheists.


5. I love to see something that makes me say, “Magical!!”


6. Like extravagant Christmas lights, for example.


7. Banned/challenged books being made available to the public makes me happy.


8. Hot green milk tea with pearls and no sugar (from Fantasia in Milpitas, CA) makes me magically happy.


9. The “Holiday Tree” down on the other side of the building, decorated in blue and white, with the birds and the seal perched at the top, is also magical.


10. I am thankful for my home with a really big kitchen, my very comfortable bed, my shiney car, my favorite orange dress, women putting on their makeup while commuting on the train, and Guitar Hero (oooohhhh Barracuda!).


And now I am supposed to tag 10 people, but I don’t know if ten people read this blog, so … do what you want  🙂



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