Ever since I stopped

Ever since I stopped believing in a god, I’ve said “fuck” a lot more. It’s usually been in private, or in my head. The other day I mentioned this to some friends, and they asked why I say it more now.

“Because nobody’s watching me anymore, so I can say whatever the fuck I want!”

It’s awesome.



4 Responses to “Ever since I stopped”

  1. teambaby Says:

    Hi, I just found your blog and have been reading past posts, and just wanted to tell you I’ve really been enjoying it. I’ve been declaring myself atheist for about two years, but really I’ve been one all my life as my parents sort of forgot to teach me anything about religion (though they’d probably say they were Christian if anyone asked; I don’t buy it).

    Anyway, “coming out” to myself and others as atheist, being comfortable in my own philosophy like this, has actually made me more tolerant of people who believe in sentient higher powers. Unless they are jerks about it, of course. 🙂 But I love reading the thoughts of others who are atheist, since I barely know anyone else who is. So thanks!

  2. coogan607 Says:

    Huh. This is funny. And by funny I mean odd.

    Wasn’t god listening every time you *thought* of saying ‘fuck,’ but never said it? Wouldn’t that count just as much against you as actually uttering the word? And that begs the question of that god has a proscription against expletives, in general. I understand that whole taking-the-name-in-vain thing, I guess, but I wonder about those other non-god-damning words. Maybe it’s all the same, to god. Of course, if it is, then everyone is in real trouble. Assuming there is a god.

    I tend not to use expletives unless really angry (or something like that) because I want to respect those around me. Some don’t like to hear such things, but of course these words don’t melt their ears, or anything drastic like that. Just their delicate sensibilities. I generally think it’s rude to tell someone “fuck you!’ or use this all-purpose word to describe someone or something. But of course, rudeness is a far cry from eternal damnation.

    Or is it? I’m fuzzy on that whole ‘god doesn’t like’ thing, because he ain’t telling me shit. And if he’s telling you things about me, then he’s being rude, too.

    • notreallyalice Says:

      Don’t worry, god never told me anything about you 🙂

      You’re right about saying vs thinking swears, and of course that it begs the question of why swears are bad in the first place. It’s mainly a cultural Christian thing, where Good Christians (TM) don’t swear. I’ve met a few Christians who do, but you would kindof get this feeling like they were doing it to test their boundaries.

      The swearing was just one of those things about Christianity that literally affected the way I thought and the things I wouldn’t allow myself to say even when nobody else was around. It’s interesting to see how I’m changing now that “nobody is watching me.”

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