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Every so often, when I’m wandering around my large home, or eating whatever I want from groceries I bought from down the street, or when I’m going off about how being a godless heathen is the best thing since sliced bread… I think to myself, “Boy, I’m sure glad I was born at this time and place.”

And then I realize… I don’t believe in the soul anymore.  Obviously.  But then, if I didn’t exist before I was born, then how much of an “I” am I really?  I am a product of my time and place and genetics and parents and everything.  I couldn’t have been born somewhere else because my consciousness is a result of my body chemistry, not my soul.

How would this happen, this being someone else?  Maybe God could accidentally me to a womb out of order?  Maybe I should have been second-born?  Or could God have put me in a different womb; the neighbors, or some random 300 BC Greek woman?

That’s just silly.

It’s a little weird, though, the idea that I am no more than my physical body.  I can’t quite grasp it.  Which is sortof backwards from how it should be, but maybe the human mind just isn’t able to fully comprehend it.  Like quantum physics. 

Is this what “I think, therefore I am” means?

Hrmm.  I will meditate on this.


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