pagan rituals

I think I saw a real live Pagan ritual a few weeks ago.

I was looking down at the beach from the road just above, and three people were standing in a circle holding hands.  It looked like they were praying, but their heads weren’t bowed.  Then I yeard they were talking and smiling at each other, and I noticed a few props around that made me point to them and say to my husband, “Look, pagans.”

My husband made fun of them for a few minutes while I sat there wondering if Paganism is really much wierder than Christianity.  I couldn’t really bring it up, though, because that’s the sort of discussion that could ruin a Vaneltines Day weekend.

The Pagans went on to lay down on a blanket, with their heads in the middle, looking up at the sky.  How neat, I thought.  I guess I don’t take Paganism too seriously, but I see it as a way to enjoy nature and be supernatural and mystical about life and humankind’s place in it.  Then they started making loud laughing noises, and I thought that probably feels good.

My husband went on mocking them, though, so I suggested we move on.

This all reminded me that I’d like to get unbaptized.

But recently I’ve been wondering if I shouldn’t avoid rituals altogether.  If I want to start living under my own authority and sovereignty, how important is it that I have some outward sign of it?  Shouldn’t I simply start behaving in a way that lines up with my philosophy?  If I get focused on making up a ritual rather than actually doing what I want to do, I can see how that’s missing the mark. 

Maybe I could do both.  Or just burn something.  Maybe some incense.  That’s easy enough.


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