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I sometimes imagine that I have my little Small Group Bible Study at my mercy for all the questions I want to ask them. They have to answer my questions on their own with no help from friends or pastors.  And one of the first questions I’d ask is:

Isn’t there something odd about “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”?  There’s no women!  Where’s the Mother?  Why do you suppose God made his family so disfunctional?  If marriage is “one man, one woman”, divorce is wrong, and children should be raised by both parents, where’s the Mother in the Godhead?

Of course there are some other fun gender questions, such as, “Why didn’t God make a way for Jewish women to have babies without it making them unclean?” or, “Why didn’t Jesus have a wife to play the reverse of Eve’s role?” (As Jesus is supposed to be the reverse of Adam.)

And what I would really love to hear is Christian women’s responses to “Why do you buy all this stuff about the man being the head and women having to shut up in church?”  I think I’d have to give them a truth potion first, however.

Oh, another one!  “Does God have free will?”  Because if God wants everyone to be saved, but he will still send people to Hell, then it doesn’t seem like he has a real choice in the matter, am I right?  I have quizzed everyone on free will before, and of course I forget to bring up Calvinism.  No free will for Calvinists, no sir.  But these people probably wouldn’t know Calvin if they met him in the afterlife and he accidentally poked them with all his Five Points.  Which are… here’s a little refresher for you.

Total depravity (without God’s grace, we can only choose evil)
Unconditional election (can’t choose God; he chooses us)
Limited atonement (Jesus only atoned for those he’s elected)
Irresistable grace (we can’t refuse God’s election)
Perseverance of the saints (“once saved, always saved”)

I apologize that my blogs are more-or-less random.  It’s pretty much a grab-bag of whatever I’m thinking that’s even remotely religious in bent.  I really should get organized. 

Or, I could watch Monty Python videos.


One Response to “Q & A”

  1. teambaby Says:

    I like your posts! Don’t stop the (random) beat. 🙂

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