Being a librarian

Being a librarian, while it has its boring points, is also a surprising source of amusement. Reference questions, for example.  Firstly, they so often begin with a WAY over-simplified question, which requires careful prodding by the librarian to understand what the REAL question is.  For example, the person asking, “Where are your history books?” may actually be asking for a biography on J Edgar Hoover.   But just a couple minutes ago was awesome. As I was walking down the hall, an attorney saw me coming and said, “Hey! Are you any good at geography?”

To which I replied, “Uh, I used to play a lot of ‘Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?’.”

The question was, which is closer to Southern California: Nevada or Arizona?

“Let me get back to you.”  I went to my desk, pulled up Google maps, zoomed out, and got out my handy-dandy ruler.  Then I went back and informed him: “Nevada.”

(Yes, I went to graduate school for this.)

Days like this I find immense satisfaction in librarianship. (Plus, the guy who asked me this is kinda cute.)


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