Another possible contradiction

Tell me if the following ideas are contradictory:

1: Single men and women are expected to completely abstain from all sexual activity.
2: Married women must please their husbands sexually.

It seems to me that if we expect singles to abstain, and we consider that possible and right and good; then to turn around and tell married men that they don’t have to abstain, and if we imply (and it WILL be implied)  that a man’s adultery is excusable if his wife wasn’t pleasing him sexually…

Viva la double standard!


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One Response to “Another possible contradiction”

  1. Clark Bunch Says:

    Where did you find “Women must please their husbands sexually?” One of things the Bible says about sexual relations is not to withhold sex from the other partner to get revenge, or out of malice, but that applies to men and women. The vows we take require BOTH spouses to forsake all others, not just the women. Yes it’s adultery for the man to have sex with another woman, for any reason. What you’ve listed is a contradiction, but where did you find such a statement?

    Response: That is what I was told in Sunday School last weekend. And the meaning of this blog post was not that the double standard is gendered, but that it was inconsistant to expect people to remain celibate until marriage, and then you can expect all your sexual desires met.

    It is also true, however, that I have NEVER heard a church leader specifically admonish men to please their wives sexually, even if he’s not in the mood. Except when mentioning the verse you mentioned above, I always hear the teaching that men require more sex and that wives are expected to provide it.

    Thanks for your comment.

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