I suspect that my Mormon stories are getting a little old, but what can I say?  I never knew any of the LDS before.  So I’ll just say that this weekend saw me: 1) make my housemate sin again, 2) learn that Mormons can’t drink black tea.  I was later informed that as long as there’s no tea leaves in the drink, it’s okay, but honestly, that’s not my responsibility to know or even care about.  Except when it’s funny.

Speaking of funny, my housemate has been struggling with the rent (that’s not the funny part), and a kind person in her church donated some money to help her out.  So yesterday I got a check from the Lord!  It says it’s from the Church of Jesus Christ [in big letters] of Latter Day Saints.  I tried not to laugh in front of her because I don’t know why it’s funny, but I suspect I am being blasphemous.  Again.

Also, I should add that the blog will probably be moving.  I have a lot of things getting a lot more interesting in my life, and I don’t know if Alice is equipped to handle it all.  I’m turning into an urban homesteader, slowly but surely, and that will benefit from a lot more note-taking than atheism does.  I think I’m at my best when I am storytelling, not trying to write about what I’m trying to think about.  I think there are no gods and there’s not much more to it. 

However, I have a bit to write about creating clothes, gardening, preserving food, and figuring out what other home arts I have time to get into.  For example.  Co-worker Crystal is trying to get me a cutting from her family’s ancient blackberry bushes.  I got tomato plants from the super-nice Scandinavian old guy’s nursery yesterday, and he told me he would order some herbs for me and I could go in and pay for everything later– but he gave me the tomatoes already.  His tomatoes and the Home Depot’s cucumbers are hardening off outside and will be planted mid-week when the soil is warmer.  And speaking of warmer, I learned how to crochet and I’m making leg warmers.  (That’ll make my dozenth-or-so pair, but first home-made pair.)  They are going to be totally worthless for eight months when summer is really fired up, but they will be ready when those frigid 60 degree California winters arrive. 

I don’t know how interesting that all is, but it’s necessary for me to keep track of it, the garden stuff will especially be critical for next year.  So it has been wonderful to be able to take refuge in Alice when I didn’t know where else to talk about my atheism, and I appreciate all the support.  Now I think I am ready.  I’m getting on with my life, and while I’ll always be a skeptic and a science geek, I have a lot more going on right now.  I respect people who are quiet and confident in who they are– who don’t push their beliefs all over the place but aren’t embarrassed about the things they love.  And so will I be.


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One Response to “Plans”

  1. teambaby Says:

    I’ve enjoyed your blog a lot, so if you want to share the URL of the urban homesteading one, I’ll check that out as well! We try to do a bit of balcony gardening and such, and my partner is thinking about turning her hobby sewing into a business, so it would be relevant to me.

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