environmentalist Christians

I read friend’s blog the other day, and he was doing some exciting global-climate-change-denying. And it took my two weeks to think on that, but I’ve finally realized something.

Shouldn’t Evangelical Christians be the biggest hippiest tree huggers in the country?

Imagine you believe God created the World. The earth and everything in it works perfectly, it’s masterfully designed, it runs better than any finely-tuned machine humans could ever devise. Not only that, but the entire earth is here for the pleasure and use of humanity. We plant and harvest and breathe and tame animals and do all this living here. Everything is perfect and it’s all ours.

Now imagine that you learn the earth’s health is at risk. You learn that human activities are causing extinction and a loss of biodiversity. You learn that conventional farming practices are causing loss of topsoil, and the chemicals in the leached topsoil are contaminating water supplies. You learn that human need for fossil fuels is leading mining companies to blow the tops off mountains, directly changing local microclimates and again contaminating water supply. Poisonous waste products are deposited in places where they cause animal and human death and suffering. So much carbon dioxide is being deposited in the air that plants cannot process it, causing cities like Delhi to have literally poisonous air.

Even if you are skeptical of these claims, wouldn’t you take the concerns seriously as an attack on God’s greatest gift to mankind– our home? Wouldn’t you defend the earth as part of your service to God? Wouldn’t you view any changes in the earth’s health with alarm, believing that God will hold us accountable for the damages we do?

Wouldn’t you get a bumper sticker that says “God is Green”?

But no. Instead we get people like my friend, who boasts that he drives a gas-guzzler. (What recession?) What is it about Conservative Christians that makes them so resistant to environmentalist’s claims? And when Christians are so quick to throw Pascal’s Wager at me, why don’t they use the principle of “what do we have to lose?” when they look at their home?

Because while I am confident that the earth will adjust and life will continue in some form, it won’t be without consequences. All the things I believe about the dangers to the earth may turn out to be overstated fears. But I really can’t understand the thought process behind a person who, believing God designed everything on the earth to work perfectly, goes and genetically engineers seeds to be resistant to the poison they spray on their fields. What would cause a person who looks at the beauty of the world and sees God’s design to shrug at the idea that human activities are causing water and air contamination?

Don’t they care at all? That’s what I want to know.


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2 Responses to “environmentalist Christians”

  1. Grace Says:

    Well, you can be sure I very much care. There are “green” Christians out here. I’m totally in love with God’s creation. Have you ever checked out Celtic Christianity? There is this huge connection with the natural world.

    Many people in my parish are very into trying to live sustainably. We’re interested in organic gardening, emphasizing local agriculture, hoping to start a grower’s market.

    I don’t understand Christian folks who don’t care either. 🙂 It’s an oxymoron, Alice.

    • notreallyalice Says:

      Thank you for your reply. I am glad to hear it. I also know a number of environmentally-friendly Christians. I just know more Christians who are mainstream Evangelical.

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