harvest season

As of Sunday, I had about 100 pounds of grapefruit in my kitchen. I’ve cut it down by about 1/4 by juicing and drinking it like it’s going out of style. So this is my first real introduction to harvest season insanity. I’ll have to get a handle on it because the figs should be coming in soon — all this bounty is coming from a friend’s property, by the way, and my friend hates figs — and figs will only keep for two days (and they don’t ripen after you pick them– that’s why you don’t see figs in grocery stores). So I’ll have to rig up a system to dry them, firstly, and also I’ll find some recipes to bake them in and freeze. That should do it. It’s just one tree, unlike the citrus. Just in case I have way more figs than I am anticipating (which is a lot), I also may call my friend who has a pressure canner and split anything we can with her.

This is really exciting.


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