Quitting Small Group

I have quit my Thursday night Small Group (not a Bible Study, which I might actually be more interested in) since UC Riverside is having a lecture series starting up this week on Thursdays. I think the SG leader was a little relieved that I won’t be there any more. I think we all like each other well enough– I know I like them just fine– but who really wants an atheist at a religious meeting? They do prayer requests and have worship songs with a silly little karaoke DVD the church provided and they talk about how being a Christian is way better than having a secular meaningless life with no morals. Seriously. Every time that comes up I wonder if they are going to ask me what I think, but they don’t. I feel like I am the elephant in the room. When it came up the first time, I described the humanist worldview to them and described a universal and comprehensive ethical rule I find compelling. But they clearly don’t buy it since they keep repeating the “no morals” bit. They probably feel sorry for me. They certainly do pray for me, which doesn’t bother me. It’s not my time they’re wasting when they do. One person said a little joke that went something along the lines of, “we’re praying for you whether you like it or not!” Am I supposed to dislike it?

Anyway, the point I was getting at is this free University lecture series, which happens to be on evolution, is taking place on the same weeknight as the Small Group. And that makes me happy. Besides, In-n-Out Burger is on the way to Riverside, and they have a decent Boba Tea shop in town, too. Doesn’t get much better than that. Or, well, it could technically be better if I could afford those things. But never mind.


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One Response to “Quitting Small Group”

  1. atimetorend Says:

    “I feel like I am the elephant in the room.”

    I hate that feeling. And it is made worse because they will ask my wife what is going on with my faith, but not me, and certainly not ever in a group setting. So I feel paranoid as well.

    I have let a few of those “meanless existence for non-christian” comments slide, biting my tongue. You are bolder than I am to talk about humanism in a group like that, good job.

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