Love Song

Besides the stress on my marriage, the worst aspect of deconverting from Christianity was its effect on my music.  I am a singer and guitarist, and I have been a worship leader at high school and at four churches, performing from once a month to as often as every Sunday, and usually for multiple morning services.  I was rarely THE worship leader; I would lead prayer or have a solo every so often, but mostly I just sang backup vocals and played rhythm guitar.

And when I didn’t believe in god, I couln’t do worship any more.

Technically I could, but I would feel awkward, and people in the congregation would assume I was a believer, and I would basically be a hypocrite.

So now, with nobody to sing with, and nobody to sing for, I’m finding that this lack of church could be a good thing because it’s forcing me to get up and find audience and band members in a more active fashion.  I haven’t actually done this yet.  I’m just saying.

Another downside is that my repertoire has diminished.  Again I technically could sing worship or Christian songs, but I don’t. 

I’m thinking of all this because my iPod just played “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles, which is a really fun song to sing, and I wondered if I should try to convert it to guitar.  Then I remembered a song called “Love Song” by a Christian band called Third Day, which was an old favorite.  I sang it well and it’s a powerful song.  So I decided that it will have to be replaced.

I just hope I can fit it nicely into an easy key.


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8 Responses to “Love Song”

  1. Lorena Says:

    Sorry, I thought you were single. Are you married to a Christian like me?

    If so, now we have a club of two.

  2. temaskian Says:

    I sang and played rhythmn guitar in my church too.

    I have the same feelings about what you experienced. I tried to form a band too, but so far no success.

    Oh, and I’m married to a Christian too. So that makes 3 of us. I’m a guy, though.

  3. temaskian Says:

    I liked Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael Card.

  4. temaskian Says:

    When I was a christian, I enjoyed What if I Stumble (DCtalk) and God of Wonders (Third Day).

    The first song has proven to be prophetic. = )

    I still enjoy playing christian songs now and then, although my guitar is not as up to scratch as the one the church allowed me to bring home when I was still in the worship team.

    I get the feeling though, that I would be able to play better now that I’m an atheist, cos’ I would be able to concentrate on the technical stuff more.

    In those days, there was no You Tube. It blows my mind to think how much easier life would be for present day musicians and worship leaders with this new tool.

  5. temaskian Says:

    Oh! I also loved DC Talk’s remake of I’d Wish We’d All Been Ready.

    Thanks for rekindling my memories of all these wonderful songs.

  6. temaskian Says:

    And I can never forget Newsboys video of Take me To Your Leader. So creative.

  7. Andrew Says:

    Both Tesla and The Cure have great songs called “Love Song.” 🙂

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