My boss was recently telling me about how sometimes, she wants to go to an event downtown (Los Angeles), but she would have to be out at night and she worries that it is too dangerous to be out after dark.  “Things happen,” she says.

So I replied something to the effect of, “Boss, if you want to do something, then you should do it!  Don’t give in to the patriarchy and people who would keep you scared at home because you’re a woman.  If you do that instead of doing what you need to do, what you are free and have the right to do, they’ve already won.”

After making sure that I wasn’t joking (I wasn’t), she pauses delicately and says, “Okay, if there’s an event I am interested in downtown, I’ll just send you.”

Witty woman, my boss.

I think she was annoyed that I was suggesting she ignore her perfectly reasonable fears.  Then again, we could always go together.  I understand there’s a risk.  I’m just not a coward and I’m not a submitter.

Plus, I know kung fu.


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