There was a fire drill at work today (woo!) so we were all standing around outside, and I was chatting with a woman who just had surgery for carpel tunnel.  She saw me flexing and stretching my wrist and asked me if I was getting carpel tunnel, and I told her I guess I am, since there’s little else it could be.  She reminded me to take it seriously because it’s not going to get better, it’s going to get worse.  And it’s not like I’ve been in denial about it, but she was right.  There are some things I need to follow up on with the doctor, and there are some diet changes I’ve been considering.  I’m hesitating on the diet stuff because I need to do more research; there are certain foods that are supposedly helpful for swelling-types of illnesses like arthritis and repetitive stress injuries.  I don’t know if the science is valid so I need to check that. 


But more importantly, what she said made me remember that my thoughts of changing career are more than a hippie back-to-the-earth fantasy.  I really do need to get outdoors, moving around and working in a healthy way.  I understand that farm work is hard work, and I am also sure that I don’t really understand how hard it will be.  But sitting here clicking and typing hurt a little bit more very day, and it’s not just my wrist.  And of course there are repetitive movements in farming, and injuries are probably more likely there.  But I’d rather have an injury from a real accident, not because I clicked the mouse for too many hours a day.  Seriously– isn’t that embarrassing?


And then I get annoyed because working and commuting take up so much of my day– like, all of it.  I was just thinking this morning that I need to take a week off and spend some time outdoors working and learning in the yard.  I have to start.  And working outdoors in April is far more preferable than Summer.  There is no California Dreamin’ when you’re as far inland as I am. 


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  1. steeley42 Says:

    Careful in your thinking though, it’s just as easy to get carpel tunnel using a shovel as using a mouse.

    • notreallyalice Says:

      The way I see it, it took me 15 years of using a computer for around 10 hours a day for me to start having wrist problems. So while one can certainly get repetitive stress injuries from doing anything over and over, I figure the variety of work needing to be done on a farm should keep me safe for at least 20 years, and probably quite a bit longer, especially now that I know how to be safe from RSIs.

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