The topic of tattoos came up in conversation today, and I was trying to explain how I’d like to get a full sleeve, but something delicate rather than poster-art-ish (not that there’s anything wrong with that).  Decorative lines, maybe writings, with plenty of space between… I don’t want the kind where someone thinks you’re wearing a long-sleeve shirt when they see you from far away.

So my friend says he imagines something more discrete; I guess he means easier to hide.  I said, “I don’t think I’m a discrete kind of person.”  🙂

And that struck me as surprisingly insightful.  I am not obnoxious about who I am or what I like or what I believe (or don’t believe), but I don’t hide it either.  Anybody can know it.  And my tattoo idea became a little more meaningful.  It’s not the shape or symbol that’s meaningful, but the placement and simplicity of it.

So now I just need an artist.  And of course money.



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