backwards day and busy weekend

I usually work out in the afternoon, but I worked out at 7AM today, which might have been a mistake. I was already tired. I’ve hung on without coffee until now, and I’m sipping some Peets from downstairs while I’m trying to do legal research. And since “Damn it Jim, I’m a librarian, not a paralegal!”, let’s just say I’m keeping the Black’s Law Dictionary handy.

I was supposed to go a Planetarium show tonight, but since I am installing a friend’s garden tomorrow (across the county, no less) and then having a Meetup at my house, I’m thinking I better go homeearly tonight and drink clean drink tonight.  But the way things are going today, all this coffee will fail to revive me and then I will go home, drink some vodka-citronage-grapefruit juice, and proceed to lay awake all night.

The Meetup tomorrow night, by the way, is a sort of support group for atheists and their religious spouses or family members.  There are three couples attending, plus myself and spouse, and one person whose entire family literally got up and left the room when he told them he’d left the faith.  Needless to say, they all won’t be joining us tomorrow night.  I am a little nervous about the possibility for disaster, and honestly I should probably put a few plans together just in case everyone wants to sit around silently staring at me… but that isn’t usually a problem for the group.  It’s a delicate subject, but we all care about our relationships, so it shouldn’t be a complete disaster.

Oh yeah… I’ll have to buy some coffee and bake some sugary goodies.  Another thing to do tonight.  “Why not just buy sugary goodies, Alice?”  Because.  That’s final.  I will make them or there will be none.  Hmmm… carrot cake…


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One Response to “backwards day and busy weekend”

  1. Grace Says:

    Well, hey, Alice, I’m rooting for you, and your husband, and hope the meeting went well for you together.

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