working vacation

The last four days I took vacation so I could work on my yard.  You should see the pile of weeds and tree trimmings.  It’s surely a fire hazard.

And, if I had a quarter for all the rocks in the dirt, I’d be able to buy a week’s more vacation so I could finish excavating.  I have to make a sifter, but the power tools are not very, uhm, power-y.  So I’ll try for nails and wood glue this weekend.

There’s sheets of ugly plastic all over the yard, also, for killing Bermuda Grass.  If 130 degree heat doesn’t kill it, nothing will.  It’s the fuckin cockroach of the world of backyard gardening.  In six weeks I will have a pull-up-the-plastic-party.  There will be gin and tonic.

Speaking of gin and tonic, I need to make mint juleps tomorrow for the most exciting two minutes in sports. 

Anyways, once the rocks and grass are out, I buy bulk compost and dirt, pour it all over, mix it up, and plant vegetables.

I am learning patience.  And I can wield a hoe around a sprinkler like you wouldn’t believe.


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