My coworker B is racist.  Not so you’d notice; I’ve caught her at it only twice in the two years I’ve known her.  But still.  Also relevant to the story I’m about to tell you is the fact that she is a Christian, and we work at the electric company, Southern California Edison.

I went out to lunch with a coworker yesterday– happens to be a male coworker.  What can I say; I know office gossip will get me for it, but I need friends, so I take ’em where I find ’em.  So B sees me walking out with him and I mentally roll my eyes, knowing she’s gonna get me for it, somehow.  Sure enough, later we are joking around and she says she’s going to call my husband and tell him.

But she’s not simply going to tell him that I had lunch with a male!  No.  She’s going to tell him that I “had a date with an oriental man.”

“Oriental??  You’re unbelievable,” I told her.  That probably wasn’t the part she expected me to react to. 

But I got her back later, when I told her about my plan to make t-shirts that say “What Would Edison Do?” or “Edison is my homeboy.”  She was shocked.  She did an awkward little laugh.  She said I was a bad girl.  (This is the same woman who said I was going to Hell because I think the human body is poorly designed.)

“I’m not a bad girl,” I said.  “I’m just a heathen.”

And, I put the t-shirt idea in the suggestion box  😀


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One Response to “racist”

  1. isnessie Says:

    Hahahahaaa, nice one! So glad you actually made your feelings known. Too many times I’ve seen people (and myself) just clam up for peace sake.

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