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June 2, 2009

I’m not a militant atheist; I’m more of a “yeah, whatever” atheist.  But lately I find myself turning into a militant radical feminist. 


Last night at a bar, the ‘tender yells out, sudden-like, “Hey, everybody, we got a birthday over here!  Let’s sing her happy birthday and see if she swallows!!”  [a shot of booze]

Cut to Alice with a “What. The. Fuck.” look on her face.

Everyone sings happy birthday.  The woman looks embarrassed.  Then the bartender says again, “Alright, men, let’s see if she swallows!”  The woman hesitates, then shrugs and downs the shot.  Free liquor is, after all, free liquor, whether or not it is offered by raging patriarchal jerk-faces.

“She swallows!!” 

So then, I get over my shock and shout to the bartender, right during a nice lull in the cheering, “Hey, fuck you!”

Whew!  Let me tell you, I felt better.  And two women thanked me.

The birthday girl was not one of them, alas.

Fuckin jerk face bartender.  If someone were to try that with me on my birthday, I’d pour the shot out on the bar and walk out.