So I’m getting divorced.  (You probably remember that.)

It isn’t going well.

My husband hired a big shot attorney after getting served (I filed the lawsuit, self-represented).  I guess he was scared.  But now he is also broke.

Here’s a fuckin news flash: Two broke people getting divorced do not need attorneys.  That should go without saying, right?  Well, now I have one.  And we are all meeting in a few hours to see how much zero divided by two is.

I should be nervous but I’m not really.  My friend says I’m in denial.  But I’ve been nervous for like a week, and then last night I popped a few pills and passed out, and woke up this morning feeling pretty optimistic.  Plus, I decided right off that this wasn’t my divorce meeting, I was just going to support a friend.  So if I need it, we’ll see how that attempt to psych myself out works.

In other news, I’ve got a lot on my plate regarding my atheist group.  I’ve got to put together a Recovering From Religion support group, decide on a place for a coffee meetup, and plan a LAN party for Left 4 Dead 2.  If you’re wondering what coffee and video games have to do with atheism… we’ll, we’re mostly a social group.  I’m trying to start having a few more regular events on the topic of atheism, or science, or that sort of thing, but I haven’t exactly had predictable levels of energy and motivation these days.  Having your life turn upside-down will sort of do that to you.  But things will be smoothing out soon enough.  The support group is a really big need, since a lot of people in the group (like myself) suddenly found themselves without the faith they grew up with.  When that happens, you lose your philosophy of life, your social group, and often your friends and family.  Some of us have lost everything, and that wound does scab over, but its rough going.  Hence the support group.

But now… I shower.


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One Response to “divorce”

  1. lauradee24 Says:

    how’s it going now? I remember those days. I may not believe in God, but I most certainly believe in hell, and it’s called Divorce.

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