First, the good news: my friend set me up a blog on my personal domain! …which has been completely blank for a few months now, ever since another friend set the domain up for me.

The bad news is, since it’s my personal domain, I am going to have to be very careful about what sorts of things I write there.  Well, not “very” careful, I suppose, but still.  I’m in the middle of a divorce and I need to be pretty careful right now until papers are finalized.

Which reminds me.  My asshole husband changed the locks on the house. This is after he removed everything, including my personal clothes, papers, and some books– and lied to the attorneys about it.

I don’t think I mentioned how bad it is.  He’s been telling all our mutual friends, as well as my own immediate family, that I am crazy.  He is ostensibly trying to get them to sign papers to commit me. His goal is to punish me for leaving him while still convincing everyone how much he still loves me and wants me back.

But dear sweet baby Jesus in a jetpack, I really do not want to get into all that right now.  I’ll just say that I’ve got two stacks of relationship and abuse self-help books from the library piled up around my desk right now.  And, one of my housemates is home all day with me and he’s been driving me a little mad.  He’s a good person but not the most sensitive… though to be fair, if I am explicit about what I need, he follows directions.  Dealing with a woman who is getting divorced after ten years in an abusive relationship is not exactly something that comes with an instruction manual.

But like I said.  I’ve got my own domain and it’s content-ready now.  So the first thing I’ll probably do is go through some old atheist posts I’ve published here and see about publishing them on my site.  It’s intimidating to have my name attached to everything– anyone who knows my email address can say, hey, I wonder if she’s got a website, and then there they are at my website.  It’s a stage I’ve never had before.  And I don’t want it to be just a place where I talk about my personal life; that’s what mySpace blogs are for, am I right?

Speaking of my personal life, I’ve had a cold for a little over a week.  It’s been a frustrating time: I keep having periods where I feel like I’m doing better and making changes and starting my life over, and then I tentatively start to make new actual changes and schedules, and then something comes up like I get sick and it puts everything back weeks.  I had to postpone my own birthday cake (pumpkin cheesecake) because of all the coughing from said cold.

Plus I ran out of Doctor Who on Netflixs On Demand.  Season 4 gets in on Wednesday, though.


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