here in Heaven

I was listening to some older music, and “Come to Jesus” by Mindy Smith is just as beautiful as I remember it.  Also, I started to cry a little when she sang,

here in Heaven we will wait for your arrival
here in Heaven you will finally understand

Religion sure is beautiful sometimes.  Sometimes I miss believing that people were waiting for me and we would all know everything someday.  Reality isn’t so bad, but when you compare it to fantasy, well…

If you get a chance, listen to the song.  It gives me chills, it is so well written.

One Response to “here in Heaven”

  1. teambaby Says:

    I know what you mean. Today on Facebook, a friend was mourning the one-year anniversary of her grandmother’s passing. And she said something like, “but we all know you’re the lucky one; say hi to the big guy for me and we’ll meet again someday.” That would be extremely comforting; I find the prospect of death — for myself, for loved ones and for complete strangers — to be almost too painfully sad and scary to contemplate. Especially my own death of course, because I get kind of panicky and my chest tightens when I think about my own consciousness just sort of blinking out forever. But what can I do? I think my friend’s belief is a lovely but fictional fantasy. Certainly she’ll live her life less scared of death than me, but we’ll both end up in the same place (nonexistence) eventually.

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