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March 3, 2009

I accidentally made my Mormon housemate sin again.  (The first time was when I made chile with coffee in it.)

“Alice, that bread pudding was really good!  What’d you put in it?”

“Uh, stale bread, milk, cream, vanilla, eggs… nutmeg…”

“What made it tangy?  Was that lemon?”

“Oh.  No.  That was the rum.”


“Yeah.”  [Here I mimed pouring in a lot of rum]  “Glug, glug, glug.”

“But… it was baked, right?”

“Yes, it was baked.”

This from a woman who, on finding her dog had eaten spilled coffee grounds, exclaimed, “Oh, no!  Annie, you’ve sinned!”  I am pretty sure she was joking.  She then added, “You won’t be able to go to Paradise with me!”

Hmm.  “Do dogs get to go to Mormon heaven?” I inquired.

She didn’t know.