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Playstation vs. Humanism

December 17, 2008

My husband has been wanting a Playstation 3 for a long time, so we decided to get one for Christmas.  Of course you can’t just get the Playstation, you have to get the hi-def plasma TV to go with it.  Obviously. 


So he’s telling me about all this over the phone, how he’s been doing all this research and finding the best deals and worked out how to get a new receiver from the cable company, etc.  And he asks one more time to be sure, “You’re okay with all this?”  And I say yes. 


As it turns out, this question of his is great timing.  Because I just registered for CFI West’s Winter Session evening courses for the new low price of $40!  What’s $40 compared to the $2k or so going for the Playstation & Co., after all?  Apparently, it’s the price of my soul.  Although if you ask me, if there are such things as souls, mine would prefer that I spend money on education rather than video games.  Not that there’s anything wrong with video games.  I’m just saying.  Souls are particular critters, from what I understand.


My poor husband.  I told him CFI is a Humanist group and he seemed sad.  I asked, “Do you know what Humanism is?” and he said, “Well, no, I actually don’t.” 


“You might want to look into that a little, then,” I say.


“Yeah, I should.”


We’re getting there!